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The best month of the Year

July!!!  Yes

To celebrate I did a day at the park photoshoot with my family!
And we had a great time!
Thank you Diphni for your time WE LOVE YOU xoxo

This month was simply a month of celebration from day 1 and it lasted ALLLL month!

Well a BIG thank you to all that made that month exceptional!

But my biggest shout out after my family would be my girl my sister my bff
She gave me a day to remember.
I'm grateful to have an amazing friend

I love this girl, we go wayyyy back and pray that it will last for a lifetime and still be bff in heaven!

Then I went back to Beautiful Vancouver and put myself to the challenge!
Grouse Mountain
Yep I died 3 times at least, lol!
It was a great experience and can't wait to go hike again
and it was a great reminder o get back in shape

And I couldn't end my month with out spending the day in my favorite city
San Francisco!

All right baby cakes till next time

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Well well busy month!
And I'm not complaining

Let me see I started the month with awesome fun crew member, nothing but fun!

 Yep we had enough time during the flight to do a few selfies! haha

 Bike ridding was fun and realize that I really want a bike but all in due time

 Bridge Capilano

And a day is not complete if we don't eat!
SPAGHeTEI in Vancouver was good!

That was work!
Then I had the privilege to go to my friend's wedding and it was amazing from Beginning to the End
 Love that dress
I had so many compliment on it.
Only Stefania O. can make me look this good.
My hair was done at Inhairitance real deal for natural ladies.

That's it all.
Till next month

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What happen in May?

Well nothing special, work as usual but it was a great month. I spent most of it in Vancouver and I most say I'm starting to really like that city!!!

My and my work partner in crime went for some hot dog at the Japadog food truck and it was good
price-wise was crazy expensive but 1 hot dog didn't unbalance my budget.

I love food...

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Avril / April

My post of the month:
If I could find a way to link my blog with my instagram I will sync them together.

Note to myself



Oh Happy Day

I'm Happy
I'm Content
God is Good

I used to be mad and sad all the time. I would never smile. Now I can't stop! Well I can for a hot second. I don't have it all but I'm grateful for what I have! And I'm happier for those who are blessed!

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Feb 2014 Recap

This month was amazing!
Who can complain when all you do is spend your time at the beach all month.
Weather  in Tdot was a bit cray cray, not sure what's going on. But I manage to escape!

There's nothing like Häagen-Dazs

Ok if you're in Fort Lauderdale You have to try 33rd & Dine
They are so nice and food was good!

Hope You had a fabulous Month.
Til Next Time

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Happy 40th !!!

Happy Birthday
It was hard to keep the secret 
But glad I did.

It was an amazing night 
And I'm happy you're in my Life

All the best
Love You Always
La Soeur xoxo

Family is everything!

Look at that cake!!! Wifey did good!
The best is get to come!

I've always seen you has GQ approved!
And you are!!
Happy you enjoy you night!

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